Virtual advertising solutions

Amayse is now able to offer virtual advertising for sports pitches; creating additional commercial opportunities by inserting different logos for different TV feeds; and a perfect solution where a multi-purpose pitch or stadium prohibits the use of painted logos.

As well as producing all the stadium branding for the recent Rugby Championship game, Argentina v Australia at Twickenham, the Amayse team also delivered virtual 3D pitch advertising.

The match being played at Twickenham brought with it a difficult set of circumstances, which Amayse were well placed to solve. With the congested fixture list at Twickenham, there was a restriction of having no painted logos on the pitch for this match. This put the UAR in an awkward position because they needed to provide their sponsors with their contracted on-pitch logos.

Amayse’s specialist virtual advertising team worked closely with the broadcasters to ensure that this showcase event got the best result for all partners across international markets. This was a complex job to co-ordinate and required several meetings and tests with the UAR, broadcasters, OB providers and the RFU and their partners.

The end result meant that for this match the UK feed showed a virtual centre pitch tournament logo only. The world feed carried the tournament logo as well as an additional 8 virtual UAR sponsor logos.

This is very exciting software for the rights holders as it means they can generate additional revenues from different regions.

The technology was also on display for the Barbarians v Fiji game at the Kingspan Stadium, Ulster on 11th November. Again, no painted logos were permitted for this match but in order to fulfill sponsor obligations the organisers appointed Amayse to provide the 7 pitch logos virtually.

Specialist in-house software has been designed to insert digital logos onto the field in a way that the logos are always in focus. Tracking heads are added to existing cameras to identify where the camera lens is pointing and then the logos are inserted onto the field of play. When a player runs over the logos, the logos appear to be underneath the player thus not interfering with the viewer’s experience.

These matches were the first time that Virtual 3D pitch advertising had been used in the UK.

Amayse signed a deal with Broadcast Virtual, a technology company from Australia specializing in digital insert technology, to be their exclusive supplier of virtual advertising in the northern hemisphere.

Greg Craigen, MD at Amayse: “We are excited to be part of this new technology and offer this valuable service to our new and existing clients.  It further advances our product offering and keeps us at the forefront of technology also enabling our clients to generate additional revenues.  The technology also helps restrict the burden of multiple painted logos in multi-purpose stadiums where fixture lists are becoming more and more congested.  We pride ourselves in our quality products and with Broadcast Virtual, we are partnering with the market leader in virtual advertising with over 900 live matches under their belt.  We look forward to developing the product further with them to create more exciting opportunities”.

Struan Logan, MD Broadcast Virtual: “Broadcast Virtual is focused on providing cutting edge solutions for virtual advertising. Our team comes from a broadcast background and understands the pressures of live television.

We have many years of history providing virtual advertising on tier one events in Australia and New Zealand. Our partnership with Amayse means we can provide the next generation of industry leading advertising”.

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