3D CamCarpet for football matches

In football, up to 80% of sponsorship value comes from television exposure, and the closer a brand is to the action, the greater the value.

Our 3D CamCarpets maximize sponsor brand exposure via their eye-catching appearance and flexible placement in the most valuable positions, such as along the goal line. They deliver value not just during the match, but over and over in replays and highlights shown on TV and online.

The result is an unmatched return on investment for the brands.

Sign types

Sign types

2VIEW CamCarpets in Wembley - Vauxhall #getin
2VIEW CamCarpets in Wembley - Vauxhall #getin

 2VIEW CamCarpets™

An innovative solution that doubles the available inventory by branding both sides of the 2View CamCarpets™
Our new 2VIEW CamCarpets™ make it possible to brand the same valuable space twice, giving rights holders extra inventory to sell or sponsors double the TV exposure.


A versatile, straightforward classic that works for almost any logo.
Available with or without a foot, the Block Carpet is one of our most popular solutions. It’s straightforward design, adaptable depth and choice of foot colours make it suitable for almost any logo.


A Block Carpet with standout 3D lettering.
The 3D-block Carpet enhances the straightforward, versatile design of the standard Block Carpet but with the addition of 3D lettering. Features include adaptable depth and a choice of foot colour.


An eye-catching design with letters that appear to stand freely on the ground.
The distinctive Freestanding creates the impression of letters standing freely on the ground. As this carpet is intended primarily for word-based logos, you’ll want our designers to test your sponsor’s logo prior to ordering. Features include adaptable depth and a choice of foot colour.


Our most popular carpet design.
Used to promote clubs and sponsors around the world, the A-Board is popular for its versatility and adaptability. It works with nearly any logo and does not require the same degree of positioning precision to deliver the 3D effect sponsors pay for.

A-Board Open

An A-Board variant that appears to be hollow instead of solid.
This variant of the A-Board Carpet appears hollow on TV, creating an optical illusion that keeps eyes glued to your sponsor’s logo. Like the standard A-Board Carpet, it’s a popular design that suits nearly any logo and does not require 100% precise positioning.

Wave Carpet

A great version of the freestanding style
Instead of a platform, this version features a wave that adds contrast to the brand letters. A shadow can be added to enhance the 3D effect.


Quick Board Carpet

A new design with standout rounded corners.
The Quick Board Carpet was originally designed for Borussia Dortmund. Today, many clubs and sponsors are taking advantage of its great versatility and attention-grabbing rounded corners.

Product Carpet

A truly great design style for actual products.
This design is sure to create attention amongst the TV audience. Products such as cars, batteries or even chips and burgers can be produced, creating a “product placement” type of advertising.



3D CamCarpets from Amayse are now the benchmark in global football.  For the past 15 years we have worked directly with leagues, clubs and sponsors worldwide to help them gain increased revenue and increased sponsor exposure.

With issues such as player safety and spectator sightlines to consider, 3D CamCarpets have revolutionised branding at football matches. The position of 3D CamCarpets along the goal line is now recognised as the premium branding opportunity at any match, typically being allocated to either the club’s main sponsor or the title sponsor of a league.

3D CamCarpets can be placed where traditional A-boards or LED banners are not allowed, thereby creating an optimal visual exposure. It is widely acknowledged that the position occupied by these 3D CamCarpets is the most valuable in the sport, not just during the live games, but also during the many replays and highlights aired after the match on TV and the internet.

Studies by both Vidierre and Repucom, confirms that 3D CamCarpets will add a wide range of benefits, including the following;

  • 3D CamCarpets beat all other branding properties such as shirt fronts, media backdrops and LED boards in QI Media value (Repucom)
  • 73% increase in brand exposure (Eye-tracking by Vidierre)
  • IPV score of up to 9.1 out of 10 (Vidierre)
  • 50–80% of sponsorship value lies in TV exposure
  • 3D signs can occupy more visible positions than A-boards or LED banners
  • No impact on spectator safety or sightlines
  • Premium goal-line positioning
  • Proven high brand recognition
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