Spark Your City 2015, Sutton Walk, London

Amayse “sparks” London by transforming an uninspiring walkway into a jungle kaleidoscope

The challenge

Spark Your City is a global movement dedicated to sparking joy into everyday city life. The movement was launched in 2015 and will eventually link 50 cities via a global chain of 1,000 events. Spark #2 took place at Sutton’s Walk in London on 27 August, and Marmalade London commissioned Amayse to create the printed carpet that would bring designer Helen Skelton’s “Urban Jungle” design to life.

The solution

The Urban Jungle concept involved turning the walkway between London Waterloo station and the South Bank into a mesmerizing experience for commuters and anyone else passing through. A special framework was constructed and a printed carpet, with a system of mirrors, created the kaleidoscopic Urban Jungle experience. Amayse printed and cut the 26.5m x 5.5m carpet in two sections, each with a diamond-shaped end. The carpet was carefully prepared to make sure it would not lift under any weather conditions.

The outcome

Meeting a very tight deadline, the Amayse team installed the carpet just in time for the grand opening. Intricate printing and preparation on specialized machinery to ensure the perfect angle and cut meant that the carpet performed flawlessly, brightening up the dullest of morning commutes and delivering all the “Spark” the event organizers had hoped for.

  • I just wanted to say another thank you to you and your amazing team. The schedule went pear shaped, but your guys were so tolerant and patient and good humoured – so thank you! Everyone is really happy with the result – and I’m sure we’ll be in touch soon!

    David Simpson Managing Director, Marmalade London
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