Pitch Poppers

Very high TV coverage

Never miss a goalscoring opportunity Create additional TV exposure and awareness for your brand using the Pitch Poppers advertising product.
The flow of football, with action taking place around the goal, means that Pitch Poppers close to the net get very high coverage.

Standout exposure from pitch poppers

New innovative branding solution to create media exposure throughout live TV, highlights and social media coverage. Positioned around the goal area, Pitch Poppers offer standout signage during the key moments of a football match. A safe, flexible and hazard free product that requires minimum maintenance. Pitch Poppers are perfect for pick-up by handheld, steadicams, corner and offside cameras. Pitch Poppers offer the flexibility to change branding on a match by match basis to suit sponsorship deals or as new inventory for goal-line sponsorships.

Get your brand at the heart of the action