Floor solutions

Printed floors are a great way to attract attention and put the finishing touch on your event or exhibition.

From floor ads to designs that recreate a forest, beach, cobblestones and more, we can print almost anything on our durable, high-quality flooring materials, up to  5 metres wide. This makes us uniquely capable of delivering any idea you can dream up.

If you need help with ideas, we’ll be happy to suggest a design for you, based on your needs and our years of experience with superwide floor signage.



 Pile carpets

1900g rubber-backed pile carpets with approx. 5 mm high thick pile.
Rubber-backed pile carpets are specially tufted to create optimum colour print. These look brilliant on film and TV, as the thick pile gives a mat surface with very little reflection.Logos, product images or bespoke designs can be printed up to 5 x 65 m without seams to provide plenty of opportunity to stand out from crowd at any exhibition.

Superwide digital printing
Spark Your City 2015 Sutton Walk London

Felt carpets

1500g rubber-backed felt carpets are ideal for vibrant colour prints.
Rubber-backed felt carpets are particularly effective for vibrant colour prints.Logos, product images or bespoke designs can be printed up to 5 x 65 m without seams to provide plenty of opportunity to stand out from crowd at any exhibition.

Themed environments


1700g vinyl offers a more hard-wearing solution.
Vinyl offers a more hard-wearing solution in contrast to carpets, and is easy and simple to clean. An exhibition or event can be enhanced with exciting prints of new products, logos, slogans etc. A seamless area of up to 4 x 27 m can be printed and can offer a more cost effective solution than laying a wood or tile floor, yet providing the same visual impact.  As well as in events, vinyl can also be used for floor ads in retail outlets.

Cheap Walk

115g Cheap Walk is ideal for indoor floor ads.
Cheap Walk is ideal for many indoor floor ads. It’s extremely easy to lay and leaves no adhesive residue. Cheap Walk is our most cost effective solution for removable floor advertising and can be used on most floor surfaces where slip-resistance and adhesive removal are not critical.

Tex Walk

416g Tex Walk is versatile and adheres to most surfaces including concrete and wood.
Tex Walk is fully removable and can be used for floor advertising and print on all surfaces, including carpets, concrete, wood etc. It leaves little or no adhesive residue and has certified slip-resistance – R12 certificate.

Asphalt Art

390g Asphalt Art offers high slip resistance in both dry and wet conditions.
Asphalt Art can be used on surfaces such as asphalt, cement and untreated stone, paving and many others. Asphalt Art is designed to be highly resistant to wear and tear. The special adhesive is designed to work outdoors on coarse (untreated) surfaces, and it’s high slip-resistance means that it can be used almost anywhere, even on stairs. Asphalt Art has been tested and approved in many countries.



  • Unique and innovative branding opportunity
  • Solutions for all floor surfaces
  • Temporary and permanent branding
  • Premium quality materials
  • Extensive working knowledge in this industry
  • Expert advise and guidance
  • In-house production and printing
  • Up to 5m wide print production
  • Comprehensive quality control
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