Themed environments

Themed environments transform any indoor space into a magical world with a story to tell. Whether you turn a bland corridor into a tunnel of trees, or a plain meeting room into a bustling market square, our themed environments inspire and create attention-grabbing spaces that will become a talking point amongst employees, customers and friends.

Themed environments are particularly effective when installed in modern buildings that feature a lot of glass, steel and minimalist design.  The snow-white walls can offer a blank canvas to add some ‘warmth’ and ‘soul’.

We can offer advise on how best to transform your space, choosing themes from our large database of images or even designing a unique solution just for you. Our state-of-the-art 5m printer makes sure that the finished product is of the best quality and will live up to all your expectations.



Sound absorbing panels

 Wall prints

Wall prints create a dramatic statement whilst being quick and easy to install.
Creating a themed environment within an office, foyer, retail, school or leisure setting, will transform the atmosphere of that space and provide visitors with a creative, attention-grabbing backdrop to what would normally be a very ordinary place.  Using full colour, floor to ceiling removable prints, the transformation process is quick and easy yet creates maximum visual effect. If a more subtle approach is desired, installing a wall print on just one wall can create a simpler, less dramatic effect yet still delivers in terms of transforming an otherwise bland environment.

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Themed environments
Superwide digital printing

Floor prints

Using durable materials to create stunning floor prints in vivid colours.
Floor prints can be used in conjunction with wall prints to dramatic effect, or can stand alone to offer a more subtle design finish. Because we print up to 5 metres in width, any floor solution can be laid in minutes.



  • Premium-quality materials
  • Ultra-realistic imaging
  • Fire-resistant solutions
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • In-house production and printing
  • Comprehensive quality control
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