Virtual advertising solutions

New technology has made it possible to virtually create detailed and lifelike advertising in broadcasted sport.

Until now, the drawback for virtual advertising has been poor quality, which made the advertisements look artificial. This is no longer an issue. The technology for virtual advertising has matured and can be used in addition to physical signs.

Our virtual advertising enables you to place digitised 2D and 3D logos, messages, product shots, and even video content directly on to the viewer’s screen. The solution employs advanced technology that keeps your message tied to its designated position on or next to the field, regardless of camera motion.

Built-in multi-content capabilities enable you to deliver different content over different streams, tailoring your messages to individual markets, and adhering to regional bans on certain types of advertising.

Applicable to a wide range of sports, our virtual solution has been used in the Guinness International Football Champions Cup, the Yonex All England Badminton Championships, National Rugby League and Super Rugby matches in Australia and New Zealand, AFL games, and horse racing.



Amayse Virtual Advertising Football Melbourne
Amayse Virtual Advertising Football Audi


Add content either next to the goals or in the stands.
In football, virtual advertisements can replace the traditional 3D CamCarpets that are usually positioned next the goals. Virtual adverts can also be placed in the stands, in a similar way to seat-kills, offering another 3D option within TV view.

Amayse Virtual Advertising Badminton All England


Virtual advertising is used to add branding to the court.
In badminton, virtual advertisements are placed as 3D logos in the centre of the court, in order to promote both sponsor and tournament.

Amayse Virtual Advertising Cricket ANZ Cricket World
Amayse Virtual Advertising Cricket Georgie Pie
Amayse Virtual Advertising Cricket ,Pie


Virtual adverts can be inserted both behind the wicket and in mid wicket positions.
Amayse offers a solution that ensures that logos or realistic product images are tied to each position with great results.

Virtual advertising solutions
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby Buildcorp
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby Wild Turkey Rare
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby Wild Turkey Super Saturday
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby James Cook University
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby Investec
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby Tui
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby Telstra
Amayse Virtual Advertising Rugby Wild Turkey


Logos can be implemented in many positions within the field of play.
In rugby, virtual advertisements are inserted in real-time onto the field of play, ensuring that branding is visible throughout the match and remains in high quality, even in adverse weather conditions.



  • Clear and natural
    Any high-resolution logos or pictures can be used. There are virtually no limits to what can be done. The solution will be clear, detailed and natural looking.
  • Accurate colours
    The light and weather condition on the play day does not influence colours used in the graphics.
  • Flexible solution
    Our solution makes it possible to switch logos at any time during the game or between games.
  • Not affected by weather
    Virtual logos are unaffected by weather. Even in heavy rain graphics will be clear and appear in accurate colours – unlike physical painted solutions.
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