2VIEW CamCarpets ™

Our new 2VIEW CamCarpets ™ allow you to display different branding to two different TV angles, increasing sponsorship inventory and allowing different content to be delivered.

 Watch the video below which illustrates how the 2VIEW CamCarpets ™ work

 The 2VIEW CamCarpets ™ are made of a lightweight, foam structured material with a heavy backing which includes an anti-slip layer.

 They are produced in-house, the material is bespoke ‘cut to shape’ using a unique, modified material router and then digitally printed on a specialized 2View 3D printer.

They can be produced for situations in cricket where the camera positions are on opposite sides of the wicket, or at an angle for double production situations in football where the camera positions are on opposite sides of the football field.

They are easy to install and remove. An installation manual is included with every order and all 2VIEW CamCarpets ™ are marked with a simple symbol to ensure correct placement.


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