Privacy Policy


1. Purpose

1.1 Amayse A/S has adopted this privacy policy to inform you how personal data is processed.


2. Contact information

2.1 Amayse A/S is the data controller and bears responsibility that your personal data is processed in concordance with existing laws.
Contact information at Amayse A/S:
Contact: Søren Larsen
Address: Tysklandsvej 6, 7100 Vejle, Denmark
CVR number: 25820746
Tel.: +45 76 401 300
Email: [email protected]


3. Amayse A/S ensures fair and transparent data processing

3.1 When Amayse A/S requests your personal data, you are informed as to which data is being used and to what specific purpose. This information is available to you at the time of the collection of your personal data.

3.2 If Amayse A/S collects your personal data from other providers such as a public authority or business partner, you will be informed hereof no later than 10 days from the collection of the data. Amayse A/S must also disclose the purpose of the data collection and the legal framework permitting Amayse A/S access to your personal data.


4. Types of data collected

4.1 Amayse A/S uses personal data processing for identifying the person approving documents on our online approval website. Processed data cover: Name, Company name, E-mail address, and IP-address.

4.2 Additionally Amayse A/S may process personal data actively transferred to Amayse A/S by that same person.

4.3 Additionally Amayse A/S may process personal data, received through our website, by introductions, at events or similar activities, for newsletters, ongoing marketing, offers, answering inquiries, establishing relationships and execution of meetings and events. Processed data cover: Name, company, job title, email address, phone and areas of interest.


5. Application and storage of collected personal data

5.1 The purpose of collecting and processing personal data is to identify persons approving documents on our online approval website.

5.2 Additionally, we use collected data for addressing inquiries as well as marketing to consenting parties. This includes newsletters, ongoing marketing efforts, offers, establishing relationships and execution of meetings and events.


6. Storage

6.1 The information is stored for the allowed period of time only, and is deleted when the personal data is no longer required by Amayse A/S. In general, we store your personal data for the duration of your relations with Amayse A/S. The duration of the time period depends on the type of the information and the reason for the storing.

6.2 Personal data collected for marketing purposes is stored for a reasonable amount of time.


7. Transmission of personal data

7.1 Amayse A/S may transmit personal data to a third party only in compliance
with regulations stated in this privacy policy.

7.2 Amayse A/S may transmit or share personal data in order to abide by a judicial obligation. Transmission of data may also occur following directions by the court or other public authority for trademark protection, privileges or property rights. This includes the exchange of data with other companies and organisations as safeguard against fraud.

7.3 Amayse A/S makes use of service providers and data processors acting on our behalf. These services include hosting and system maintenance, email service etc. Business partners have access to our data to the extent necessary to do their job and deliver requested services. Business partners are contractually obligated to handle data in absolute confidence and are not authorised to use data for any purpose other than those contractually stated to Amayse A/S. Amayse A/S supervises that business partners are GDPR compliant, and meet their commitments in this regard.

7.4 Should Amayse A/S in exceptional cases transmit personal data to a service provider or data processor outside of the EU, Amayse A/S guarantees this data transmission happen in accordance with legal requirements.


8. Cookies

8.1 What are cookies?
8.1.1 Cookies are little text files made up of letters and numbers stored on your computer or other unit. Cookies are created when visiting a website that employs cookies. They are used to save your browser history, to help you start where you left off on a previous visit to the website and they can remember your chosen language or other preferences.

8.1.2 If Amayse A/S uses cookies you will be notified of the usage and purpose of the cookies collecting data. Before cookies are downloaded on to your computer Amayse A/S must ask for your consent. Cookies necessary for functionality and settings may be employed without your consent.


8.2 Amayse A/S uses the following types of cookies:
8.2.1 Technical cookies: Technical cookies are necessary for the functionality of most websites. They ensure you can stay on the website you are visiting. More detailed information on technical cookies can be found here.

8.2.2 You can choose not to accept cookies on your computer by adjusting your browser settings. Settings are adjusted differently dependent on which type of browser is in use. Be aware that if you decline cookies you also disable many internet functions and services.


9. Security

9.1 Amayse A/S protects your personal data and has adopted internal data security policies containing guidelines and precautionary measures to protect your personal data from destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure and to prevent from any unauthorized access to the data.

9.2 Amayse A/S has set procedures for assignment of security levels for employees processing personal data. To prevent loss of data Amayse A/S makes ongoing backup copies of the personal data and protects data confidentiality and authenticity by use of encryption.

9.3 In the event of a data security breach implicating reasonable personal risk of discrimination, identity theft, economic loss, and damage to reputation or other significant downside, Amayse A/S must inform you without undue delay.


10. Your rights

10.1 In general
10.1.1 To access your data in order to have it corrected or deleted or to protest our data processing, an enquiry for this must be made to Amayse A/S. An answer will come as soon as possible and no later than a month from the time of the received enquiry.


10.2 Access to your personal data
10.2.1 If so requested at any time, Amayse A/S must inform you which data is processed, how and from where it was collected and how it is being used. You also have the right to be informed as to how long your personal data will be stored and who has access to your data in case of data transmission.

10.2.2 Access to your data in process can be obtained by request to Amayse A/S. The access might be restricted in consideration of the privacy of other people or trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

10.2.3 To make use of your privileges a request must be made to Amayse A/S. Contact information can be found under section 2.1.


10.3 Correction or deletion of incorrect data.
10.3.1 You have the right to have inaccurate personal data corrected. A request must be made to Amayse A/S stating the inaccuracies as well as your corrections to the data.

10.3.2 In some cases Amayse A/S has an obligation to delete your personal data if you so request.

10.3.3 You may also contact us for clarification if you believe your personal data is being processed against regulations or against other legal obligations.

10.3.4 If a request for correction or deletion of your personal data is made and the request is warrant, we seek to go through with the amendments to the data as soon as possible.


10.4 Objection to data storage and transmitting

10.4.1 You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You may also object to Amayse A/S transmitting your data for sales promotion purposes. If your objection is warrant the processing of your personal data will be terminated.

10.4.2 You are entitled to receive the personal data you have made available for Amayse A/S as well as data about you that has been collected from other operators with your consent. You are also entitled to have your data sent if Amayse A/S handles your data as part of a contract in which you are a party. You also have the right to transfer these personal data to another provider of services.


11. Version

11.1 This privacy policy has been modified on 13/12-2018