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3D signs for rugby matches

As perimeter boards, LED banners and other signage continue to congest television screens, sponsors are looking for a fresh approach.

Painted directly onto the field itself, 3D signs from Amayse are answering the call. 3D signs enable your sponsors to place their logo or other branding right where the action is and where viewers concentrate most. That means maximum exposure throughout the match and during post-game highlights and replays.

No wonder then that our 3D signs are being used more and more frequently in the UK’s Premiership matches and in the Rugby World Sevens Series.

Sign types

Sign types


A straightforward classic that maximises logo exposure.
The L-Shape design is simple and effective. It works well with almost any logo and allows sponsors to make maximum use of the available space.


Popular design, simple and effective.
The A-Board design is popular for its versatility and adaptability. It works with nearly any logo and offers effective eye-catching branding.

A-Board Open

An A-Board variant that appears to be hollow.
This variant of the A-Board appears hollow on TV, creating an optical illusion that keeps eyes glued to your sponsor’s logo. Like the standard A-Board, it’s a popular design that suits nearly any logo.



Due to the nature of the sport, any signage present on the field of play must be painted.

Amayse are the global market leaders in applying 3D painted signs for rugby.

Amayse have been applying 3D painted signs across both international and domestic rugby competitions for over 20 years.

Using our patented state-of-the-art technology, Amayse is able to design, create and paint stand-out 3D designs that are over 200% as effective as 2D signs.

Using 3D effect, logos become clearer, more visible and create more impact on TV.

Research carried out by Sports Marketing Surveys confirms that the exposure of on-pitch 3D branding far exceeds any other form of pitch-side branding.

  • 50–80% of sponsorship value lies in TV exposure
  • Occupy more visible positions than A-boards or LED banners
  • No impact on spectator safety or sightlines
  • Paint-on solutions are quick and easy to remove
  • Proven high brand recognition
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