• Theatres & TV film

Theatres & TV/film sets

A film, television programme or theatre production is a magical event for any audience. At Amayse, we provide superior-quality, exquisitely produced staging, backdrops and mask banners for productions of any scale.
We supply printed solutions on a wide range of fire-retardant (B1 certified) materials using state-of-the-art printing technology. We select our materials and treatments specifically for use under stage lighting to protect against unwanted reflections. We pride ourselves on giving a personal service – we can carry out site visits, offer material samples and informed advice as to how best to meet your needs.
If you need advice or guidance, we are happy to share our experience from years of working in this highly specialised field.



PVC Backdrop

 Backdrops, mask & stage banners

We have expertise in printing giant banners up to 5 x 100m without seams.
Our giant banners and floor prints are ideal for the film and theatre industries and are always produced using fire-retardant materials (B1 certified). Printed products offer flexibility and cost savings in comparison to hand-painted props. Lead times are relatively short, even on large items (typically 4-6 working days), and our matt products are particularly effective under lighting, reducing the risk of reflection. With our own finishing department, we can offer almost every form of finishing to produce the best final result.

floor solutions
Themed environments
Superwide digital printing

 Floor prints

Using durable materials to create stunning floor prints in vivid colours.
Floor prints can be used in conjunction with wall prints to dramatic effect, or can stand alone to offer a more subtle design finish. Because we print up to 5 metres in width, any floor solution can be laid in minutes.



  • Premium quality materials
  • Matt finish that resists reflections
  • Fire-resistant solutions
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • In-house production and printing
  • Comprehensive quality control
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