standout event signage

Creative branding for your event, whether it be a media launch, PR stunt, exhibition, corporate function, film and theatre, or for sporting events. Wide-format print is nearly always present at big events, from sporting events to concerts. We can provide a huge range of event branding to include printed carpets, wall vinyl, large banners, temporary flags, fence scrim, pull-ups, backdrops or wayfinding solutions.


Every event is different and requires a bespoke portfolio of branding.
Whatever the scale of the project, Amayse will work with you to create a variety of items to meet your branding and signage requirements. Working with a huge range of substrates and printing up to 5m width, we offer ‘off the shelf’ branding options as well as creating bespoke solutions to meet specific briefs.

With over 20 years’ experience in the sports industry, we can provide a number of different options to complete your Stadium Branding.

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Vinyl wall graphics for events and offices.
At sporting events and concerts you will find printed graphics on walls, ramps and buildings. Tranform your walls, windows and floors with creative wall vinyl designs using wall stickers, decals and vinyl. We have material for more long lasting wall vinyl jobs and material that we use for temporary wall vinyl jobs.


Digital printed banners in large format for branding at exhibitions and events.
A versatile, eye-catching, temporary branding solution suitable for a variety of uses. Making up part of your overall event branding inventory or used as stand-alone signage, large scale banners offer an effective branding solution whilst being easy to install, remove and re-use.

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Offering a wide range of temporary backdrops for one-off events, as well as more permanent solutions to be re-used for future occasions. A variety of styles, sizes and finishes, or made bespoke to ensure valuable exposure of your brand. All backdrops are printed to ensure anti-glare when appearing on film or TV.

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