Show your brand and set the first impression

Printed carpets are a great way to attract attention and put the finishing touch to your event or exhibition. Suitable for a variety of purposes, such as advertising, branding, theatre, exhibitions or catwalks, and with different product options available, printed carpets are an excellent solution for delivering standout graphics.


Rubber-backed short pile carpets are specially tufted to create an optimum colour print and feel. Our short-pile carpets are printed with a matt finish, reducing reflection and ensuring anti-glare when appearing on TV or film. Any design or shape can be printed up to 5 x 65 m without joins.

Pile carpets work well with your existing Stadium Branding to either compliment the venue dressing or provide additional branding options.

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Ideal for vibrant colour prints, rubber-backed felt carpets provide the opportunity to create eye-catching floor graphics at any exhibition or event. Logos, product images or bespoke designs can be printed and cut to shape up to 5 x 65 m without joins.

Floor Graphics may offer a more appropriate solution where a minimum profile if required.


Foam flooring offers a more hard-wearing solution in contrast to our carpets. An exhibition or event can be enhanced with exciting prints of logos, new products, advertising etc. on a seamless area of up to 4 x 27 m.

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