31. July 2019 3D Sports Advertising & Signage

3D advertising increases sponsorship impact for indoor sports

Amayse is perhaps best known for working in grass sports such as football, rugby and cricket, but we also supply 3D sports advertising solutions to many indoor sports.

Sports such as basketball, netball, handball and table tennis have the opportunity to significantly increase event branding and sponsorship inventory through 3D sports signage

Compared to outdoor grass sports, the surface to cover is smaller and the details, therefore, enhanced on TV. So is the prominence of court logos on camera.

A great success case of ours is in table tennis, where we started working with sponsor Volkswagen in 2005. We now work directly with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) increasing sponsor inventory and media value across their tournaments. 

The ITTF provides sponsors with global exposure – 100 countries broadcast their events to 500m unique viewers with 4,300 hours of global TV broadcast and a $1bn media value.

Liebherr is a family-owned construction machinery company who have sponsored ITTF events since 2005.

"Our cooperation has helped promote the Liebherr brand on a worldwide scale. In particular, the title sponsoring of top international events such as World and European Championships has made the Liebherr Group known in many markets where the brand was previously almost unheard of." Andreas Böhm, CEO of Liebherr International

The 3D advertising stickers we produce are now being rolled out across more venues and with more stickers per court. Our consultation services provide simulations and recommendations on branding placement to maximise the commercial space available.

We take the same approach in other sports where our specialist vinyl guarantees at the same time sharp, high-quality images and athletes’ safety, thanks to its anti-slip features.

The flexibility given by high-quality vinyl, combined with the expertise of our design team, allows sponsors to focus on the details and the nuances of the messaging. This provides them with much more creative freedom for how they can bring their brand to life with cut-through imagery.

As the sports broadcast market becomes ever fragmented, rights holders can find opportunities to increase visibility for themselves, engage new fans and help their sponsors further in achieving their awareness goals.