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3D signs from Amayse are revolutionizing broadcast sporting events, delivering unmatched sponsor brand exposure and return on investment. Most sports are conducive to 3D advertising and with our expertise and vast experience, Amayse can offer valuable advise on how best to represent a sponsor’s logo in any given sport to maximum effect.

Amayse have experience in delivering effective 3D signage across a broad spectrum of sports including ice hockey, NASCAR racing, netball, field hockey and horse racing but the opportunities are endless.  Using our state of the art technology, 3D signs can either be applied using our 3D CamCarpets, a sticker or painted directly onto grass, depending on your requirements.

Sign types

Sign types


A versatile, straightforward classic that works for almost any logo.
Available with or without a foot, the Block is one of our most popular solutions. It’s straightforward design, adaptable depth and choice of foot colours make it suitable for almost any logo.


Our most popular design.
Used to promote clubs and sponsors around the world, the A-Boards is popular for its versatility and adaptability. It works with nearly any logo and does not require the same degree of positioning precision to deliver the 3D effect sponsors pay for.


A creative, eye-catching design.
This eye-catching design has been developed so that the logo appears to be floating off the ground with a cleverly placed shadow.


Business Card

A straightforward, uncomplicated design.
Shaped like a calling card, the Business Card is the most uncomplicated design we offer – simple, yet effective.


A straightforward classic that maximises logo exposure.
The L-Shape design is simple and effective. It works well with almost any logo and allows sponsors to make maximum use of the available space.

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