3D signs for tennis matches

In tennis, most signage consists of courtside, end-of-court and signs in other permanently fixed positions.

3D signs from Amayse are breaking these traditions by enabling sponsors to place their brands in exciting new positions, such as in front of the near-side net. For example, Sony Ericsson, the title sponsors of the WTA tour, have placed Amayse 3D signs directly in front of the net at a number of venues with different playing surfaces around the world. At the Hong Kong Tennis Classic, sponsors and the host venue have been using our on-court solutions on both the near and far sides of the net.

Analysis of a recent match showed that two 3D signs in front of the net gained the second-highest number of broadcast seconds and the highest share of voice of all signage used at the event.

Sign types

Sign types


Our most popular design.
Used to promote clubs and sponsors around the world, the A-Board is popular for its versatility and adaptability. It works with nearly any logo and does not require the same degree of positioning precision to deliver the 3D effect sponsors pay for.


A straightforward classic that maximises logo exposure.
The L-Shape design is simple and effective. It works well with almost any logo and allows sponsors to make maximum use of the available space.



An eye-catching design with a logo that appears to stand freely on the ground.
The distinctive Freestanding design creates the impression of a logo standing freely on the ground. This design can also be adapted so that the logo appears to be floating off the ground with a cleverly placed shadow.



Sony Ericsson, the title sponsors of the WTA tour, has used Amayse 3D technology in a number of venues around the world. For three consecutive years at the Hong Kong Tennis Classic, the sponsors and host venue have used 3D Signs in three different positions on court on both the near and far sides of the net. Independent analysis of the 2008 HK Classic showed that 49% of the sponsor’s total media was derived from the 3D Signs delivered by Amayse.

Similar to sports such as table tennis and badminton, the product proves extremely effective because a fixed camera position is used for all the live action, so for anything other than replays, the sponsor’s or venue logo appears on screen in 3D.

Independent research studies from a tennis tournament also shows that 3D Signs has the highest share-of-voice among all other sign properties, including court end signage, courtside signage and plasma stand signage.

The 3D technology from Amayse offers new and exciting design opportunities. A sponsor logo can be differentiated from others by making the letters freestanding or with special 3D depth. In that way the logo is not only sure to be seen but the amazing effect makes the logo stand out.

  • 50–80% of sponsorship value lies in TV exposure
  • Very high exposure time
  • Highest share of voice of any signage type
  • No impact on spectator safety or sightlines
  • Proven high brand recognition
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