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4 key elements of an outstanding logo

Companies spend a lot of resources to create their brand identity. Amayse’s technology and expertise are dedicated to making it perform at its best through visual advertising.

Whether you are part of a global organisation, or you recently started your small business, you know that the logo is the apex and the synthesis of your identity.

Investments in research and design result in a combination of words, fonts, shapes and colours that are expertly crafted. Far bigger resources are put into making the message they carry meaningful and memorable to their audience.

In over 20 years of work with some of the best brands in the world, we often discuss internally what makes a great logo. This is what we think in four points:

  1. Immediacy – A logo needs to be technically readable, easily recognisable and pleasant to look at. Simplicity is often the best way to design a mark that stands the test of time.
  2. Relevance – It has to stand true to the company image and be coherent with the core brand message. And an effective message should be addressed to a defined target audience.
  3. Flexibility – The logo has to stand out and maintain its features across multiple applications.
  4. Execution – This is our job and we take great care in delivering exceptional results, bringing companies’ identity to life through printed and painted media.

We know how hard companies work to differentiate their message in the market, and the investments they make in advertising and sponsorship. Their visual identity plays a crucial part in all of this.

This is why we cut no corners to make your brand stand out and, as part of our work, our engineers and designers are here to advise on the best technologies and material to enhance the visual performance.

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