5. March 2019 Sponsorship Stadium & Event Branding

BackAds Freestanding help football clubs net more advertising inventory

BackAds Freestanding is the latest addition to our extensive lineup of advertising solutions to help football clubs increase brand exposure on the pitch.

Thanks to its innovative design, BackAds Freestanding sits perfectly behind the goal and provides an eye-catching opportunity for sponsors to stand out in live broadcasting and highlights.

The ‘cut-out’ design is engineered to enhance the visual contrast of the message and to fit perfectly between the net and the LED boards. BackAds Freestanding also provides excellent performance regardless of the camera angle, which makes it particularly easy to position.

"We are always looking to find new options to satisfy our corporate partners and we found in BackAds Freestanding a perfect combination of visual effectiveness and practicality. Our sponsors are pleased with the result and the board is really easy to install and store." Lotte Hedegaard, Head of sales, AaB A/S

BackAds Freestanding is a single piece construction, foldable and easy to pack away for shipping and storage. It’s made of durable lightweight material and is able to withstand challenging weather conditions.

Sejer Aagaard, Marketing and Business Development Manager from Amayse explains: “We designed BackAds Freestanding thinking of the commercial and logistic challenges that our clients face on a match-day, but also wanted to provide a flexible solution they can use for ancillary events where sponsors need brand recognition.”

BackAds Freestanding is, in fact, an excellent branding opportunity for events that bring media attention such as new players’ signings and presentations on the pitch, as well as sponsors announcements. The free-standing nature of this advertising board conveys a minimalistic 3D effect that draws the eye and is perfect for sponsorship activation.

This new element of our product offering works in perfect harmony with our widely used 3D CamCarpetsTM and Pitch Poppers, showing how Amayse is committed to providing the best technical solutions to help sponsors increase brand awareness and association through the powerful medium of football.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about BackAds Freestanding or how we can help with your advertising requirements.