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Cricket World Cup 2019: How Amayse delivers 3D branding for a world-class tournament

10 teams playing 48 matches across 11 different venues, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 was a complex tournament with a global audience and one which had to deliver consistent branding for the event and its sponsors throughout.

The road to ensuring the quality of exceptional sports branding began with undertaking a full venue survey at all 11 stadiums, working closely with the venue staff and broadcasters to gather the information required for us to produce branding that exceeds sponsors’ expectations.

We worked most closely with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Cricket World Cup 2019 Local Organising Committee (CWC19) but also supported some of the sponsors directly with advice on their artwork design, particularly on the best use of colour for maximum standout on camera.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our staff, our precise surveying techniques and our advanced 3D advertising technology, we were able to create and install eight 3D grass painted logos in mid-wicket positions – five on the nearside and three on the far side. This is the first time that this number of painted logos has appeared for an ICC cricket match and on a cricket pitch in the United Kingdom, making a total of 12 logos once the four wicket-to-wicket CamCarpets are included.

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The survey and consultation process was particularly important given the differences between venues, the different wicket positions used at each venue and the need to determine where to best position the signage for maximum impact and exposure. We also had to consider the rotation of logos across the competition to ensure that each sponsor’s branding was represented in its optimum form.

The four wicket-to-wicket 3D CamCarpets were accurately lined up centrally to the stumps and the Camera 1 position for each match. These were then removed post-match, re-installed ahead of the next game and adjusted according to the pitch being used so that the logos appeared perfectly 3D through the camera lens.

This meticulous delivery was made possible through 28 dedicated members of the team working across 10 warm-up and 48 tournament matches. Four days before the first match at each venue we installed the painted mid-wicket logos, returning two days before subsequent matches to carry out a full repaint. 

The 3D CamCarpets were installed with one day to go, keeping two staff at the event for final checks, to monitor the mats throughout, and to remove and store them ready for the next game.

By working independently and taking care of all aspects of the on-pitch branding, we put no extra responsibility on to ground staff and provided reassurance to rights holders and sponsors that everything would look perfect on the day.

We like to plan early for such a complex project with many moving parts and defining the staffing schedule with logistics was our solid foundation to build on. We know what it takes to deliver event branding on this scale and people are a fundamental part of that, so making sure our team was well organised and well looked after was the first piece of the puzzle to put in place.

It was a pleasure to work on this tournament with the ICC and we enjoyed seeing the results of our work on TV and in the clips and highlights published on social media. When you are as passionate about the sport as we are, it fills us with pride to have been part of such a successful event that made history and will live on in people’s memories.

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