Extensive media exposure with 3D advertising

Place your brand close to the action with 3D advertising. With over 20 years’ experience, Amayse can offer valuable knowledge on how to best represent a sponsor’s logo in any football stadium. With our expertise in football pitch advertising, we will offer the best solutions to create brand exposure to maximise effect. Our pitch advertising solutions, or ‘3D CamCarpets ’ / ‘3D Signs’, are specially designed using technology that makes a flat 2D image appear 3D when viewed on TV. This gives sponsors the optimum exposure of their logo. Explore our football pitch advertising solutions here and find the best option for your brand.

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Our most popular 3D CamCarpets™ design.
Used to promote clubs and sponsors around the world, the A-Board is popular for its versatility and adaptability. It works with nearly any logo and is easy to position, delivering the 3D effect sponsors want.


Popular design that suits nearly any logo.
This variant of A-Board 3D CamCarpets™ appears solid when viewed on TV, creating an optical illusion that will keep the viewer’s eyes glued to your sponsor’s logo. Like the standard A-Board, it’s a standard design that is easy to position.


An A-Board variant that appears to be open instead of solid, when viewed on TV. It is an effective design suiting nearly any logo and being easy to position, it is a popular design.


A versatile, straightforward classic design that works for almost any logo. Available with or without a foot, the Block 3D CamCarpets™ is one of our most popular solutions. The depth is easily adaptable to the available space, which makes it a great option to suit your venue.


Block 3D CamCarpets™ with standout 3D lettering. A more complex design that enhances the straightforward, versatile design of the standard Block Carpet but with the addition of 3D lettering. Adaptable depth and a choice of foot colour make it an eye-catching design.


The L-shape design optimizes the space available for 3D CamCarpets™ and allows for maximum representation of a sponsor's logo. The colour of the foot/shadow can be selected to suit the sponsor's design.


The distinctive Freestanding design creates the impression of letters standing freely on the ground. Designed primarily for word-based logos, our designers can test your sponsor’s logo prior to ordering to confirm suitability. Features include adaptable depth and a choice of foot colour.


Another version of the Freestanding style, this design features a wave that adds contrast to the brand name. A shadow can be added to enhance the 3D effect.


A new design with rounded corners. Quick Board 3D CamCarpets™ was originally designed for Borussia Dortmund. Today, many clubs and sponsors are taking advantage of its great versatility and attention-grabbing rounded corners.


A striking design in which your sponsor’s logo is wrapped around a tube. This is an original and unique design, sure to grab the attention of viewers. It works best with word-based logos.


Similar to the Block design, this is a very versatile style of 3D CamCarpet. With an added logo or graphic either above or to the side of the classic Block design, the Box design really accentuates the 3D effect. Best suited to venues with plenty of space, The Box design will certainly stand out amongst other branding. Please consult with out design team to explore this option for your brand.

2VIEW CamCarpets™ - 180° SOLUTION

By rotating the 2VIEW CamCarpets™, a different brand can be displayed, allowing for the exposure of 2 brands during the same event. The 2VIEW CamCarpets™ are made of a lightweight, foam structured material and are easy to install, rotate and remove.

2VIEW CamCarpets™

An innovative solution that doubles the available inventory by branding both sides of the 2VIEW CamCarpet™ making it possible to brand the same valuable space twice. Rights holders gain extra inventory to sell or sponsors receive double the TV exposure.


3D signs from Amayse are revolutionizing broadcast football pitch advertising by delivering unmatched sponsor brand exposure and return on investment. We use state of the art technology to produce our 3D CamCarpets™ to suit your brand. Placed in the most valuable positions on the pitch, right in the middle of the action, the eye-catching appearance of 3D CamCarpets™ delivers media exposure through live TV, highlights and social media coverage. Pitch advertising solutions from Amayse are now the benchmark in global sports. For the past 20 years, we have worked directly with leagues, clubs and sponsors worldwide to help increase revenue and gain additional sponsor exposure.