21. January 2019 3D CamCarpets 3D Sports Advertising & Signage

How to clean your 3D CamCarpets™

Amayse 3D CamCarpets™ are the closest advertising allowed to a football pitch. Why? Because they are unobtrusive, safe, eye-catching and, therefore, provide great brand exposure for sponsors.

Giovane Élber in his prime at Bayern Munich always had an eye for our products and we loved seeing him rolling in our carpets after a goal in one of his signature celebrations.

Not all players show us the same level of attention but, as our 3D CamCarpets™ are so ‘close to the action’, players’ boots, rain, mud, and dust can contribute to making them dirty.

Our 3D CamCarpets™ are manufactured with the best materials, making any logo appear perfect through broadcasting, but even world class products need a bit of care to perform at the highest standard.

This is what we suggest to make your carpet look great and last longer:
1) Always dry the carpet before any type of manual cleaning with the use of a broom, cleaner etc.

2) Clean the carpet on a flat surface, in order to avoid unwanted damages.

3) If the carpet is very dirty, a simple wash-down – using a water hose with a spray nozzle at a distance of 30 cm to 1 metre – will remove the remaining dirt.

4) If using water for cleaning the carpet, let the carpet hang until completely dry. Only then can the carpet be rolled up for storage.

We care about making your sponsors’ logos look great as much as you do.

If you’re in doubt about how to keep your 3D CamCarpets™ clean, do give us a call or drop us a note and we’ll advise on what’s best to protect your investment.