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Marathon finish line: the winning position for sponsors

The growing popularity of running sports now makes marathons a prominent event on the sports calendar. Our printed carpets are the must-have solution for sponsors to stand out in front of millions of viewers and accompany the athletes safely to the finish line.

The finish line is the focal point of each race for the millions watching elite athletes attempting to break the 2-hour record, the club runners chasing their personal best and the mass participants raising money for charity.

We have been providing the Finish Line printed carpet for the Paris Marathon for the last five years, giving the sponsors significant exposure for the most important fixed TV camera angle of the race.

Sejer Aagaard, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Amayse explains: “The organisers of these massive events are really committed to helping their sponsors get brand recognition, and our products give them the level of impact and exposure they need to achieve this. We are soon to deliver our finish line carpets to the marathons in Paris and Vienna and the 2019 editions look, once again, really promising. And many others will follow later this year”.

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Not only is a printed carpet excellent for brand exposure and association, but it can also be a key part of engaging participants and fans in a sponsor’s activation.

For the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon, we produced an 80m long Buxton Water branded carpet for the Buxton ‘Run with a Loved One’ lane.

This sponsor activation delivered a special moment for participants in the race, creating a long-lasting memory of their achievement and presenting an ideal opportunity for a sponsor to be part of their experience.

With sports such as cricket or football, players can run over a printed carpet with no issue. Marathons and other mass participation events are a little bit different though. They can have tens of thousands of runners pounding the streets, which aren’t primarily designed for professional sports.

So the utmost care is needed to ensure the correct installation and quality of a sponsor branded carpet for the safety of all participants and the success of the event.

When roads are uneven, we assist our clients by providing best practice advice, liaising with their installation team or, when required, by sending our experts to carry out temporary repairs and ensuring that the carpets are hazard-free for the runners.

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