5. October 2018 3D Sports Advertising & Signage Stadium & Event Branding

NASCAR puts Bank of America in 3D for TV

The inaugural Bank of America Roval™ 400 exceeded all expectations with a last-corner crash that saw third place Ryan Blaney come through for the win.

It wasn’t just the cars that got attention, we installed the new Bank of America logo as a 3D grass painted sign – the only 3D signage on the circuit.

Trevor Marks, our 3D Signs Installation Manager, explains how we started working in NASCAR and the process the team goes through to ensure every 3D Sign produced delivers standout value to Amayse clients.

Background - how we brought 3D Signs to NASCAR

In 2011 we spotted the commercial opportunity to bring more impactful TV exposure to NASCAR sponsors and approached the Daytona International Speedway with our standout sponsor branding solutions.

Daytona presented the opportunity to Coca-Cola and the first 3D painted sign was soon in front of millions of eyeballs.

We have since produced 3D Signs at Michigan and now at Charlotte, where the Bank of America 3D Sign is the only one on the circuit.

Venue Assessment - finding the best position

For the first installation, it’s important to watch footage from previous races to determine the best position on the track for maximum TV coverage. The initial site survey then focuses on that one camera angle and section of the track.

Artwork - turning 2D to 3D

In consultation with the sponsor, we prepare various different design options, advising on the most effective logo for impactful media exposure.

The best artwork to use isn’t always the initial choice of the sponsor. You need to consider how the image colours will appear on TV and against the background but our vast experience allows us to be able to recommend the most effective design.


The graphic design team then prepares the 3D artwork from the flat 2D design. This critical process provides the stencil that will produce the final product. This needs to be perfectly aligned to the TV camera angle that will be used.

Site Visit - getting the details right

With a full race card over a long weekend at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, we arrived on the Tuesday before the event to inspect the site and have a final planning meeting with the track staff to confirm details and set-up times.

All measurements are confirmed and any adjustments made before plotting and outlining the design, using GPS-guided stencil robots.

Installation - bringing the logo to life

The plotted outline was filled in on Wednesday with the very intricate areas and lettering being painted by hand and the larger areas done with an air sprayer.

Understanding that the Bank of America team is busy focusing on the rest of their sponsorship activation, we send a photograph of the finished 3D Sign through for approval rather than requiring the sponsorship manager to come out on track.

This first application would last until Saturday night, through three full days of racing and some challenges with the weather, before being touched up ahead of the main race on Sunday.

Due to the packed race schedule, access to the site was limited and so we came in on Saturday night to make sure the logo looked as good on Sunday as it did on its first application and, most importantly, that Bank of America would be really happy with the result.

The Result - standout media exposure for sponsors

All the other logos around the circuit are 2D, looking great for the fans in the stands but not easy to see on TV. Our 3D painted signs are designed for standout sponsor media exposure to the much larger TV broadcast audience.

"Amayse is a ‘get it done’ company. We saw where we could help Bank of America’s 3D Signage creative stand out even more and our suggestion was agreed to be the right concept. We don’t just sell something and let our brand partners succeed or fail, we provide input and direction to help them more than succeed, but to flourish. Thank you to the wonderful Amayse production team for their work in making these ideas come to life!" Kevin McIntyre, Vice President Head of US Sales, Amayse

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