24. January 2020 Stadium & Event Branding

Pitch Poppers flex their muscles to boost football pitch branding

This cost-effective sports advertising tool offers premium space near the goals and a multitude of solutions that other sponsorship inventory can’t.

When reviewing the sponsorship packages or building a tailored proposal for a hot prospect, the possibility to brand the areas around the goals is something that gives rights holders valuable and appealing options. 

If sponsors are looking for impact from the main camera angle, 3D CamCarpets are the way to go. But if they need to extend their brand presence to the secondary cameras too, Pitch Poppers are extremely effective and punch well above their weight in terms of advertising impact. They can be printed on both sides and placed strategically around the goal to face handheld cameras and Steadicams.

When we say that Pitch Poppers are a flexible instrument for football pitch branding, we refer to the nature of their materials. Completely safe for players, they bend and never break, so there is no risk of sharp edges exposed.

But the true flexibility is in the way they adapt to any club’s commercial approach to sponsorship and the need of their sponsors. Let’s cover some of the scenarios our clients normally experience.


Sponsors want to expand the partnership and need more branded space and more air time. A permanent presence on the pitch would help, rather than just adding a handful of seconds on the LED boards. Pitch poppers give clubs an unobtrusive way to add branding without cannibalising the rest of the advertising assets. Being printed on both sides, they work perfectly for multi-angle shot-on-goal replays and offside reviews.


Sponsors might also need more than just their logo on the pitch, they need to differentiate their messaging, producing different layers of communication to engage with customers. Pitch Poppers work perfectly in combination with our 3D CamCarpets and BackAds, the behind-the-goal advertising solution. By multiplying the possibilities near the goal, sponsors can free their creativity.


Branding and marketing messaging sometimes need to rotate and be aligned to seasonal campaigns. Easy! The Pitch Popper’s printed covers can be replaced as many times as you like at a competitive price point. This can also help those rights holders who need a more dynamic rotation of their sponsorship inventory.

The strength of this pitch advertising solution is that the frame is almost indestructible and doesn’t need to be replaced, so you can focus on providing value to sponsors or selling an advertising space with an excellent return on investment.

The introduction of the VAR has changed the game and the way we watch it. The focus around the goal has increased, the cameras have increased in numbers, they offer a better definition and the fans’ attention to detail is on the rise too.

"Amayse’s pitch advertising solutions are best-in-class and really help our clients to stand out." Giorgos Lagaris, Director of Sponsoring & TV Rights, PAOK FC

Not only is the Pitch Popper commercially flexible, durable and safe for players, but it is made with the best print technology, making sure sponsors’ brand identities are always represented as they should.

Certainly, the high-quality and anti-glare materials we use play a big part in producing bright, bold colours under any light conditions. But we cannot stress enough the importance of the advice that our design experts give sponsors and rights holders when making decisions in shapes and colours to maintain impact and brand consistency.

Pitch Poppers are also easy to install, they are provided with an effective anchorage system that makes them completely weatherproof and they hardly take up any storage space.

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