2VIEW CamCarpets™

One camcarpet™, two brand exposures

New technology takes pitch advertising to a whole new level. The world’s first 2VIEW CamCarpets™ doubles opportunities. Our new 2View CamCarpet™ makes it possible to brand the same valuable space twice, particularly useful for dual camera angles, giving rights holders extra inventory to sell, or sponsors double the TV exposure.


Perfect for double production televised matches where the main camera positions are located on opposite sides of the pitch. This solution makes it possible to commercialise the same space twice, giving rights holders extra inventory to sell or sponsors double the brand exposure.

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2VIEW CamCarpets™ are ideal for use in cricket where the camera positions are located on opposite sides of the wicket, offering a different visual from each camera. Traditionally, the near side carpet is viewed upside down, making it ineffective commercially. Amayse has found the solution to this problem with the invention of our 2View CamCarpets™ using new, patented, groundbreaking technology.


For games with a single main camera angle, 2VIEW CamCarpets™ can also be used by simply rotating the 2VIEW CamCarpets™ manually during the event. A different brand or message can then be displayed, allowing for the exposure of 2 brands during the same event. The 2VIEW CamCarpets™ are made of a lightweight, foam structured material and are easy to install, rotate and remove.


Same event - double the exposure...