Create extensive media exposure through live TV, highlights and social media coverage with 3D advertising solutions. Our 3D advertising maximises sponsor brand exposure via their eye-catching appearance and flexible placement in the most valuable positions, such as along the goal line. They deliver value not just during the match, but over and over in replays and highlights shown on TV, online and on social media.


Get premium advertising for a worldwide TV audience with 3D CamCarpets™.
Used in the biggest football leagues around the world like Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1, 3D CamCarpets™ are placed in the most valuable positions on the football pitch, right in the middle of the action. The eye-catching appearance of 3D CamCarpets™ deliver extensive media exposure through live TV, highlights and social media.

Specially developed in-house design software offers up to 15 different design types. Explore all of them.
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Maximise sponsor exposure.
Maximise sponsor exposure. 3D advertising painted directly onto the field of play enables sponsors to display their brand right in the middle of the action and where viewers concentrate most. 3D advertising is the industry benchmark for delivering commercial value as it provides maximum exposure during live coverage, post-match highlights and replays. By painting the 3D advertising directly onto the playing surface you maximum exposure, without interfering with the flow of the game.

For more options on grass painted advertising, please click Grass Paint


Guaranteed media value with pitch advertising
3D CamCarpets™ deliver media value by guaranteeing logo visibility behind the wickets for every ball bowled. Because of their prominent positioning, 3D CamCarpetsTM deliver the most valuable and highest exposure of all other branding opportunities in the stadium. 3D signage painted directly onto the field in mid-wicket positions gain high exposure from the side-camera positions. 3D advertising in cricket is used globally in countries such as England, the West Indies, Australia and New Zealand.

Amayse recommend using 2VIEW CamCarpets™ in cricket to maximize your brand exposure.

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Add more sponsorship value with 3D Advertising.
You have probably seen 3D advertising on TV in Euroleague Basketball, KBL and CBA and in other sport events wordwide.
Court advertising is the most important part of any basketball sponsorship with the areas close to the nets being the most valuable for televised matches. 3D advertising from Amayse are transforming sponsor branding in basketball and can be positioned in locations off limits to traditional boards, further enhancing sponsor visibility. The result is unmatched brand exposure and ROI for sponsors.

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Effective brand recognition trough tennis.
In tennis, the use of 3D advertising enables sponsors to place their brand in exciting new positions, in the middle of the action, no matter what the playing surface is. The fixed camera in tennis ensures constant visibility and a high level of broadcast exposure.
This is especially true for 3D advertising placed close to the court, where ordinary advertising is either not an option or comes with low brand recognition.

A perfect branding image is achievable with Virtual Solutions


Pitch advertising in the most watched sport in America.
Get brand awareness and regconition in American Football with 3D advertising painted directly onto the field of play. Pitch advertising maximises brand exposure and creates high visibility using eye-catching designs, right in the middle of the action.

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3D advertising in any sport - each with their own specific innovative designs.
Whether you need 3D CamCarpets™, 3D Stickers and Decals or 3D Grass Paint advertising, we offer expert advice on how best to represent a brand in any given sport, to maximum effect. We have over 20 years’ experience in delivering high-quality 3D advertising across a broad spectrum of sports including handball, motorsport, volleyball, table tennis, hockey and athletics - the opportunities are endless.

Interested in increasing your branding inventory without having to find new sites? 2VIEW CamCarpets™ offer the chance to double your exposure from one position, where two TV cameras are located on opposite sides of the field of play.

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