Gain Maximum exposure with Stadium Branding

Stadium branding includes a limitless catalogue of valuable branding opportunities. No one brand or venue is the same and each stadium has a different list of branding possibilities. Whether for permanent use, or for a one-off event re-brand, stadium branding requires a consistent look whilst delivering on brand exposure and fan engagement.


Pitch-side perimeter Boards provide effective sponsor branding using the highest quality digital printing, anti-glare laminates and premium materials.


Corner Canopies are a valuable component within the stadium branding inventory and offer impactful exposure for a sponsor. Corner Canopies can be designed using 2D logos, or for an enhanced TV appearance, can be produced with an attention-grabbing 3D effect.


With a variety of styles suited to both indoor and outdoor use, temporary or permanent, our media backdrops deliver brand exposure during the most high-profile televised interviews.


Long-lasting Astroturf is a cost-effective way to increase your sponsorship inventory. Quick and easy to install, Astroturf is vibrant, stands out and offers great exposure on TV as well as for fans in the stadium.


Effective inventory offering brand exposure close to the action. Branded post protectors, corner flags, pole protectors and flags, as well as padded toblerones and pop-outs, also suitable for pitch-side locations.


Other branding opportunities within a stadium can include tier boards, vomitories, stadium steps, players' changing rooms and large stadium banners.

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