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Virtual advertising uses the latest technology to maximise the exposure of your brand. Our virtual advertising solution enables sponsors to place digital content into the live TV feed virtually. Using advanced digital technology, logos are fixed in position on the field of play regardless of camera motion, and the players’ movement over the logos does not interfere with the visual experience. Multi-branding capabilities enable the rights holder to deliver alternative content through different streams to different markets.


Virtual advertising can replace physical signage that would usually be positioned around the goals or to brand areas within the stadium, for example to replicate seat-kill banners.

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Virtual branding can be inserted anywhere on the field of play ensuring maximum visibility of logos or sponsor messaging.

If you would prefer a physical branding option, you may want to consider 2VIEW CamCarpets™.


Virtual advertising, inserted into the live TV feed during play, ensures branding is visible throughout the match and remains in high quality, even in adverse weather conditions. This is particularly relevant to multi-purpose stadiums where different sponsor branding is required for different events and rights holders across different sports.

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Virtual solutions are used to add 3D branding to the court offering valuable exposure to sponsors and rights holders.

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Virtual solutions used in horse racing allow for the insertion of virtual branding both around the track, as well as at the finishing post. Branding can be easily altered for different races taking place during the same event.

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Virtual solutions can be used to add 3D branding to the court area offering valuable exposure to sponsors and rights holders.