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There is still space in Rugby for big logos

We explain how Amayse helps EPCR sponsors cut through the clutter with 3D branding technology.

In the mid-2000’s, a decade after Rugby Union turned professional, the sport started benefitting from greater exposure that sparked the interest of big brands around international competitions and a multitude of SMEs and challenger companies locally. This certainly changed the visual outlook of rugby grounds across Europe and, particularly at club level, this still holds true in 2018.

Rights holders are in constant search for new assets to offer and new spaces to be branded. This year, for instance, Premiership Rugby clubs increased the average number of commercial logos on their kit from 9 to more than 10, in comparison with the English Premier League football clubs remaining at less than 4.

Does this mean that rugby is cluttered and football is not? Not necessarily. Hans Erik Tuijt, Heineken’s Global Sponsorship Director, tells his point of view, talking to Marketing Week*:

“Football is totally overcrowded”, Tuijt says, “If you take the FIFA World Cup, for example, there’s far too many brands associating themselves directly. It is difficult to cut through whereas you don’t have that as much with rugby,”

"Football is totally overcrowded. If you take the FIFA World Cup, for example, there’s far too many brands associating themselves directly. It is difficult to cut through whereas you don’t have that as much with rugby," Hans Erik Tuijt, Global Sponsorship Director, Heineken

Tuijt continues.“Yes, some of our rivals sponsor rugby teams but it’s not as widespread as football and is less cluttered. As a result, there’s more of a unique chance to make the most out of on and off promotions to sell beer to consumers.”

In June Heineken announced their return as title sponsor of the prestigious European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR) Champions Cup, cementing a twenty-year relationship that started in 1995.

How we help Heineken to ‘own’ the game

We installed large 3D painted pitch signs of the composite tournament logo in the centre of the pitch, and Heineken logos in each of the in-goal areas. The Amayse 3D technology gives sponsors clear standout in the TV coverage. A great solution for EPCR to give Heineken an edge over the hundreds of club sponsors that will appear on the kits, perimeter boards and LEDs throughout the competition.

Standout exposure to a record TV audience

In the four years since their rebranding, the EPCR has made great progress commercially by securing international broadcasting distribution in territories that make a lot of sense for Heineken.

The Heineken Champions Cup will be free to air in the UK, Ireland and in France.

The 2018/19 season will also see the Champions Cup’s global reach enhanced after a broadcaster agreement with NBC Sports in America and, with other international broadcasters on board, the 2018/2019 competition will achieve its biggest TV audience to date.

Tuijt explains, “We were there from the beginning. The global aspect of the EPCR is very important to us as well as the global coverage. Rugby has been a large part of our sponsorship strategy for many years now. We’re very excited to once again be the title sponsor of this competition.”


"Having played a part in helping to launch two new rugby sponsorships already this season, for Premiership Rugby with Gallagher and England Rugby with British Airways, we’re proud to also have an involvement in bringing Heineken back to the Champions Cup." Greg Craigen, Managing Director (UK), Amayse

Sponsorship and commercial managers in rugby have a hard job guaranteeing the exposure that their sponsors expect. We often provide our expertise in this area to deliver more value and to identify new opportunities in the stadium, in particular on the pitch and for broadcasting.

Do get in touch if you would like to explore how we can help or read more about our sport signage solutions.