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Five Benefits of Amayse 3D CamCarpets™

The top five reasons why our 3D CamCarpets™ are a must-have branding solution for every televised football match

Over 20 years ago we invented the 3D technology that allowed clubs to generate extremely valuable commercial assets by taking advertising spaces only inches away from the football pitch. Our 3D CamCarpets™ can be placed flat on either side of the goals, ensuring complete safety for the athletes, and making any branding stand out from the main camera angle.

Looking back at over two decades of supplying some of the most important football organisations around the world, we see a commercial landscape profoundly different, but where our 3D CamCarpets™ still take the centre stage.

Extensive media exposure

Let’s be upfront about this, the ways that people can now consume sport were unimaginable when we first launched this technology, but one aspect remains the same. The match narrative still happens from the main camera and our 3D CamCarpets™ stand out from other pitch-side advertising and allow rights holders to offer premium assets to sponsors.

Valuable for highlights package

More and more people don’t have the time or inclination to follow every football match. Highlights are full of action, attention-grabbing and extremely effective to extend the reach and longevity of live content. Short-form videos, for instance, work very effectively on mobile devices, making them highly accessible by younger generations. When you compress a match from ninety plus minutes down to a handful, the whole focus inevitably increases around the goal, where our 3D CamCarpets™ are positioned.

Close to the action, close to the emotions

An association with sport gives companies opportunities that advertising alone doesn’t. The powerful emotional and psychological bond between fans and teams positively influences beliefs and attitudes towards marketing messages (Pyun, James, & Kwon, 2008). Bringing brands so close to the action through Amayse 3D CamCarpets™ makes them part of the show and closer to the fans’ hearts.

Best-in-class visual performance

Amayse 3D CamCarpets™ are manufactured with specific materials that minimise the reflection from the sun or the floodlights and are weight-adjusted to endure adverse weather conditions. Sponsors invest sizeable amounts and demand a high-standard delivery from rights holders. The combination of our design and print expertise, best quality materials and our thorough venue surveys make us the go-to option to satisfy sponsors.

Worldwide delivery in record times

Our partnerships with world leaders in logistics and our production capabilities allow us to turn around a job faster than any other supplier. We deliver hassle-free to more than 50 countries, being experts at getting our products through the most challenging custom situations. This gives our clients more flexibility around tight deadlines, including the signing of last-minute sponsorship deals.

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Amayse 3D technology changed the way advertising could be done on a football pitch by improving any given logo visibility by over 70% compared to 2D*. And the benefits of this application, through 3D Grass Paint and 3D Stickers, can be extended to any other outdoors and indoors sport.

For more than 20 years we have been helping sports clubs and federations worldwide to expand their sponsorship and advertising inventory, but we also support sports marketing agencies to deliver activation and work with sponsors directly to make their brand look perfect on the national and international stage.

If you would like to see how to increase brand awareness in sport, our design team can’t wait to help you visualise what options are available for any given venue.

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*measurement achieved with Vidierre eye-tracking technology in 2013.