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The Seleção grow their brand like rock stars

In this article, we give our view on how the Brazil national football team is developing its international footprint.

The concept of ‘global tour’ doesn’t normally belong to football.
Competitions are rarely played across more than one country, the possibility to play with continuity abroad is very limited both for clubs and international teams, and only a handful of football brands could provide sustained interest to a wide audience.

Brazil didn’t settle with that. They looked at traditional friendlies in a different way, stretched the time constraints that a short international window provides, and launched the Brasil Global Tour in 2012. Now, six years in, they have played 45 matches in 18 countries, selling well over 2 million tickets and monetising through significant appearance fees. Like rock stars!

Every nation wants to play them because they bring extraordinary players, a unique fun-to-watch football and probably something deeper: a celebration of sport and life.

Commercially, being able to put on this football show means that Brazil can extend their sellable inventory, making room for a new set of partners with an international outlook. Pitch International is orchestrating this perfectly, bringing in names such as headline sponsor Chevrolet, Gatorade, Gillette and Brahma, and taking them to a wide broadcasting audience.

This is where our 3D CamCarpets play an important role, providing sponsors with the best position on the pitch and allowing them to have an unparalleled impact on the viewers.

"Amayse have been providing Pitch and the Brazil National Team with CamCarpets for many years and have been incredibly successful doing this. Our partnership has grown from strength to strength, mainly down to Amayse’s ever-evolving technology and excellent work ethic we have been able to provide CamCarpets with some ‘impossible’ deadlines. They continue to outdo themselves in every department." Gurjit Sandhu, Commercial, Pitch International.

The last two ‘gigs’ Brazil played in Saudi Arabia were organised only a couple of weeks before kick-off. Our process flow allows us to deliver great quality, quickly and worldwide.

Greg Craigen, Managing Director UK, Amayse, explains: “One of the reasons clients come to us is that we deliver hassle-free to more than 50 countries, as we are experts at getting our products through the most challenging custom situations.”

The global tour doesn’t bring just revenue to Brazil but grows a brand that has been challenged by clubs like Barcelona on their very strength: entertaining through spectacular football. In the past 15 years, European clubs and leagues have worked hard to grow their presence internationally. FIFA remains strong with the World Cup, UEFA leverages the Champions League and the European Championship well. In all of this, national football federations are having a hard time at remaining relevant to their audience outside of the big international tournaments.

This is the reason behind UEFA decreasing the number of international friendlies and replacing them with the Nations League. Those matches needed more jeopardy. Football is changing because the audience is changing and the entertainment offering is incredibly crowded, across and beyond sports.

iTunes changed the music market, pushing artists to record quickly and monetise through live music. New media, younger demographics and a savage competition for the public’s attention are changing football too. Brazil has answered like the Rolling Stones: going on tour, exciting the crowds, and doing an incredible job at waving high their ‘Joga Bonito’ flag.

This is how our logo and Chevrolet’s looked on 3D CamCarpets™ for Brazil v Panama. Would you like to find out how to maximise your on-pitch branding?

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